Know where we have  reached

17000 ft in beautiful Kargil. 5 teams, 10 young Kargili volunteers on the road; to find, map and survey 570 schools of Kargil district. Only 20 days since they started, our young team has already completed 40% of the job. Though most of these schools are close to the road, there are many that require a short walk or trek. An entire block, the Zanskar block still remains cut off due to snow and will have to wait a week or two more before our young volunteers can attempt that region, filled with an incredible 70 schools!
For all our volunteers, this entire mapping exercise is an eye-opener like no other. Almost none of them were aware that Kargil had that many schools, leave alone know where they were. A lot of interesting stories are emerging. Watch this space for more news.
We are so excited to be starting our work in Kargil district!