Know where we have  reached

Friends Decide to Volunteer

Yashvi, Manasi, Aashna the first group of 2017 - decide, register and land in Leh to experience, explore and to do their bit for society. Students of Architecture, they are also looking forward to study some environment friendly architectural concepts.

They are assigned Gonpa School at Chemday. The village is home to the world famous Chemday Monastery and the school is a beautiful residential school for monks. Yashvi, Manasi and Aashna accompanied by our Facilitator, setup a 17000 ft Library and explained the Library Management System to the teachers. They conducted interesting Reading Programs for the children that helped in introducing the new Library to the kids. The kids also enjoy the Art and Craft workshops that included paper quilling and many more activities. The group did a great job at the school and was successful in giving the kids the much needed exposure.

Thank you very much for being a part of the Program!