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Yashasvini and Pradyot intern with 17000 ft Foundation

Yashasvini and Pradyot, both college students, take a month off to intern with the Foundation. Interning with the Foundation for a month is not for the un-adventurous as it involves rough travel, and stay at very basic accomodations and extremely tough work, both on and off the road.

After their mandatory training and orientation at the office, our interns work very closely with the team and are assigned work as the rest of the facilitators are and are expected to quickly learn and adapt.

A majority of their time is spent in travel, where they are sometimes out for a week without mobile connectivity and electricity. Staying and travelling like the locals do, these two conduct monitoring exercises and reading program activities in various schools. Between the two of them they cover 10 schools in the Kharu and Khaltse blocks, spending a day or two at each school. A part of their time also involved back office work at the Foundation's office where they help with data entry and reporting. See an account of her experience with us in Yashasvini's blog.

Having interns who come from different parts of the country or world, work closely with our inherently Ladakhi team is extremely beneficial for the Foundation, as it brings a lot of added exposure and talent on board.

Thank you, both for spending your valuable time with us and at these schools!