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The Whig Brothers go to school

The Whig brothers vacation together and decide to also use their time a little more constructively. Ardent supporters of 17000 ft, they request the Foundation to help them find schools on their route that they can contribute to.

They are sent to Middle School Skampuk, a delightful little school, though easily accessible on the main road, but quite ignored and isolated by most. 17000 ft setup a library in this school in 2013 and has been visiting this school regularly since then, to conduct reading programs. Given the enthusiasm of the teachers and their request to show a little bit more interest in the school, we sent the Whigs to this school.

The Whigs were carrying sports equipment for the entire school of 18 children and donated it to the school, while also checking on the 17000 ft library and encouraging the children to read more.

Thank you, both, for everything you are doing to spread the word about our Foundation!