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Veda fulfills her dream journey with 17000ft

Veda's journey of a lifetime is to visit Ladakh, a dream she has been nourishing for a long time. That dream comes true thanks to a contest that she wins with Conde Nast Traveller, India. Conde Nast contacts 17000ft, asking if she can volunteer with the Foundation, and we heartily agree, seeing her background of working with children and other non profits. Veda and Jasper, the Conde Nast photographer then visit Ladakh on her "Journey of a Lifetime".

Veda is assigned the task of re-establishing the Library Program at Middle School Kanji, since the school has been struggling with following the program. After undergoing our mandatory training program, Veda, Jasper and our facilitators are dispatched to this beautiful village, some 5 hours away from Leh, to be their home for the next 5 days. Still untouched by civilization, with monasteries, stupas and even houses a few centuries old, despite being at the crossroads of three famous treks, nobody ever visits this village.

They stay at a homestay run by one of the teachers and go to the school daily for their program. Veda interacts with the children, conducts the 17000ft Reading Program, converses with them in English and encourages them to read. Her stay at Kanji, ends with a final presentation to the villagers about the activities that her students have learned. 

Veda also volunteers with the 17000ft team at M/S Skurbuchan, where 17000ft is conducting a large, first-of-its-kind inter-school Reading Program event. 6 schools participate in this event, compete in various activities and are awarded prizes. Each of the schools is mentored by 17000ft facilitators and voluntourists.

From conducting reading program activities, to interacting with the villagers and inspiring them to continue to stay invested in the school and to also helping to clean up the playground, Veda endears herself to the children and the villagers throughout the visit. Veda and Jasper are so inspired with their time with the children and their villages that they make a promise to 17000ft to come back and spend more time with us.

Veda and Jasper, Thank you for making us your Journey of a Lifetime!