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Volunteers from Around the World !

Vasudha, Pratibha, Lavanya and Kanav came together from different parts of the world to do their bit for the society. Vasudha started the conversation in as early as April 2017 and she could finally get everybody on board for the 10 day program starting July 28th. The different time zones and delays in communications due to these time zones and a health episode for one of the members just a day before leaving for Leh did not discourage them a bit. They had a great time and we had some equally unforgettable moments ! 

Sharing the experience in their own words they wrote :

...Firstly thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to be a part of your outstanding vision. Thank you for guiding us through it all so smoothly. Your team was very present and efficient from planning the trip to executing the programme. We felt taken care off and challenged all at the same time. Being told to drink countless bottles of water everyday definitely felt like a challenge sometimes. From seeing the beautiful landscapes of Ladakh to roaming the streets of Leh and of course getting the privilege of being assigned to a Monastery school, we left Ladakh feeling inspired and humbled.

Being in the very centre of Leh from the get go was an exciting experience. Touring Ladakh through your organisation showed us Ladakh in its true colours and our experience with the local people and culture would not have been the same without you. The landscapes of Nubra valley and Pangong lake were breathtaking. The places you organised for us to stay at and our driver during the tourism part of the trip were fantastic. Now, rather than remembering the extremely bumpy roads during our long rides which didn't leave us feeling the best, we only remember the beautiful mountain tops and our much desired black tea stops.

Before arriving at the home stay we can't say we weren't a little bit apprehensive after all you prepared us for. However we can safely say the warmth and hospitality that the family enveloped us with was amazing. We felt at home instantly. From making momos with the family to learning some bhoti and spending evenings with them around their kitchen are moments which will stay with us forever. It was so great to completely immerse ourselves in the cultures of the village of Spituk, even getting to do a Ladakhi dance with the local women in the village. 

Arriving at the school, our first encounter was seeing the children in their bright orange robes line up for assembly and then beginning their prayers. From that moment we knew we were in for a unique experience. The shyness didn't last long and quickly we were friends with them. It was amazing to see their discipline yet playfulness. Our 4 days of story telling and art and craft opened our eyes to how eager these young bright boys were. It was rewarding to see them translate the stories we read to them into practical learning. For example, when we saw them peering into flowers to try and find the pollen after learning about bees and trying to find each others pulse after reading a book about the body. 

So again we thank you for giving us this platform to do something new, wholesome, and of course lots of fun! Though we went to teach the children, in the end we can truly say it was more of a learning experience for us. 

We wish you the best of luck for the progress of the foundation. 

Kind regards, 

Pratibha, Vasudha, Lavanya & Kanav

Thank you each one you for spending valuable time and taking all the effort making the Program a big success!