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Mother- daughter duo bond together in Ladakh!

Vasudha - the mother, but even in spirit with her daughter - Anika were assigned Council Model School, Alchi, for the Voluntourist Program. They describe their experience :

"We had a wonderful and enriching experience. The days were packed with activities. We read books, and conducted activities based on the books such as role plays, art and craft, puppet making etc. We worked with the children and translated a Ladakhi folk story into an English script and the children enacted it. They also did a role play with puppets based on a book. There was much laughter and fun and we enjoyed interacting with each other. While the children increased their vocabulary in English we picked up some Ladakhi words! It was lovely doing rhymes (with actions) with the nursery and kindergarten children...and it was heartwarming to hear the children break into singing them while doing the art activities! The energy of the children was also remarkable as they were so eager to learn and our interactions would often stretch out into breaks and out of the classroom as well. Thanks to 17000ft for making this possible."

Sincere thanks to the ladies for being a part of this Program