Know where we have  reached

Udai and Anupam are voluntourists again!

Having already volunteered the previous year, Udai and Anupam, a father and son pair, decide to come back again with 17000ft and the team is thrilled.

The are allotted the task of setting up libaries in multiple schools of Ladakh. After their training and orientation on the 17000ft Library and Reading Program, the duo set off to multiple schools, accompanied by our facilitator.

One of the villages that the Singhs visit is extremely remote and is reachable only by crossing a very narrow bridge over the Shyok river in the beautiful Nubra Valley. To say that this village almost never receives visitors would not be an understatement. 

The Singhs spend multiple days at each school setting up libraries, drilling and installing racks, labelling and sorting books, training teachers and conducting reading program activities to inspire children to read. 

Udai and Anupam did a fantastic job the previous year, piloting the 17000ft Science Workshop module and decide to come back for a longer duration and spend more time volunteering the next year. 

Thank you, both, for coming back! We can't ask for a better reaffirmation of our programs!