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The Parikhs and Shroffs become voluntourists with 17000ft

Inspired by the Voluntouring Stories of their friends, the Shroffs and Parikhs decided as a family to make the trip to Ladakh and contribute to remote schools on their visit. Besides what 17000 ft wanted them to do, they were also eager to see if their own special skills could be of any help. 

The group is assigned 2 schools in the Nubra Valley at altitudes of 9,000 ft and above. Before the group comes to Ladakh, they consult with the 17000ft team on the needs of their assigned school and come armed with many gifts, activities and ideas for their schools.

The group is split into multiple teams and sent to work in different schools and on different projects. Their basic missive is to setup 2 libraries, install a playground and conduct the 17000ft Reading Program in both their schools, which they do extremely well. The schools, however, had additional activities which were received very well, both by the children and the villagers.

Dr. Nita, an emminent dentist conducts a dental check up of all the children in both the schools. She also conducts a dental hygiene workshops with all the children, complete with worksheets and activities, inspiring the children to take care of their gums and teeth. The second bonus comes from Amisha, who takes her Mandala making workshop to the children of these schools and teaches them the beautiful art, inspiring even the 17000ft team to learn.

We thank all of you for making the entire program so exciting for the children!