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A Family of Volunteers !

Ashley, Bianca, Karan and Leah contribute their vacation time volunteering with 17000 ft Foundation in Ladakh for more than a fortnight.

Their first Volunteering stint is at a residential school in a remote village called Satoo. The school, called Nomadic Residential School, Satoo is a school for nomadic children whose parents travel 6 to 8 months of a year in the upper reaches with their livestock. The school is approximately 6 hours away from the main city of Leh and involves crossing over the Chang La Mountain Pass which is at an altitude of almost 17000 ft. The Nagpals spent the next four days conducting reading programs at the school, encouraging children to read and motivating and training the teachers to use their libraries effectively.

After a day of rest, they then travel to their next school, which is High School Tyakshi, which is to the North of Leh city. This is a school with 100 children and 9 teachers and the Nagpals split into teams to work with different age groups to conduct their activities for the next 4 days.

Their contribution has been substantial to both the Foundation and to our children and we thank them for their time.