Know where we have  reached

Two time Voluntourists get the tougher schools

The Lobos come back to 17000 ft for the second year, to volunteer and contribute their time and money to help remote schools of Ladakh. This time, another family, the Rucks join them in their quest. Having travelled extensively the previous year and visited 4 remote schools of Ladakh, the family are considered seasoned Ladakh travellers and hence assigned one of 17000 ft's favourite schools, Centralized Residential School, Linghsed, one of Leh districts remotest schools. This school requires an overnight trek to reach after a long 10 hour drive and overnight stop, which the families complete with ease. 

The two families fundraise and contribute to the Foundation. They also coordinate with 17000 ft Foundation and Motivation for Excellence to pilot implement "The Nalanda Project", an e-learning platform for which they donated 4 tablets and a server to the school. 

After the mandatory training and planning at the 17000 ft office, the team, then along with facilitators of 17000 ft travel to Lingshed where they stay for two weeks, where they work with the teachers to conduct multiple programs in the school in after school hours. Besides the Nalanda Project, they also conduct the 17000 ft Reading Camp, a 2 week camp for children to improve their reading skills.

They stay at the village where they carry and cook their own food, work during the day in the school and spend their evenings at the village. The children are so inspired with the effort put into the projects that they pledge to carry on with them even after the volunteers have left.

The Lobos and Rucks have made an indelible mark on the school and on 17000 ft Foundation. 

Thank you, team! Our work is made possible because of the generous contribution and support of people like you!