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The Guptas go to Matho to setup a library

Overcoming all the usual inhibitions that go hand in hand with a visit to Ladakh, the Guptas, after hearing about the program from another Voluntourist, decide to take the plunge and devote their vacation to service. 

The three of them undergo training and orientation at the Foundation office in Leh, after which they are assigned High School Matho, a quaint village not too far from the city of Leh. Despite its proximity to Leh, the village sees very few visitors. They stay at a small and warm homestay near the school and walk to the village everyday to conduct their programs.

Surprising themselves with their own extensive engagement with the children at the school, and more than pleasantly surprised by the eagerness and enthusiasm of the children, the Guptas first gift the school their very own 17000ft Library. They then train the teachers on the Library Management System, conduct the 17000ft Reading Program including a whole lot of innovative activities that immediately catch the imagination of the children. 

Pranaav, a law student also holds an hour long interactive career counseling session in law with the students of 9th and 10th grade, for which even ex-students of the school show up to listen to. 

Thank you all, for engaging so thoughtfully with the kids and adding your own beautiful bits to the program..

Matho will loook forward to your next visit!