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The Buzruks spend a family vacation volunteering

The Buzruks, a family of three decide to forgo their vacation time in favour of volunteering and contributing to the cause of 17000 ft Foundation. Despite never having visited such remote areas, they decide to plunge themselves into the project, in complete support of the cause. A family of senior corporate professionals, they were keen to utilize their time and skills to benefit children of these isolated villages.

After a day of training at the 17000 ft office, and despite suffering from altitude sickness, they are eager to go to their allocated school, in a tiny little village called Gya. Middle School Gya, which has been supported by 17000 ft Foundation for a period of almost 3 years, has a library and a playground donated by the Foundation.

The three spend their next few days conducting Reading Program Activities to support the 17000 ft Library to encourage the children to read their library books, and to increase their exposure with the English language. 

Thank you, all, for making the effort to reach out to the kids of such remote areas!