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Tejaswi takes a month off to intern with 17000ft

Eager to visit Ladakh, but not content with just a short tourism stint, Tejaswi hears about 17000ft and decides to take an entire month off, to be an intern, learn about the work of the Foundation and visit remote areas. Being cautioned about the rough and intense travel and high energy work required at the schools only serves to increase her determination to make the internship happen.

Tejaswi works as a part of the 17000ft  team, working at the office in Leh when not in the field, and travelling for days from school to school when travelling. Over the course of the month, she visits multiple villages across Leh and Nubra, each more remote and isolated than the other, staying at simple homestays and making friends along the way.

The team, travelling in groups goes from school to school. They conduct monitoring exercises to gauge the performance of the 17000ft libraries, reading program activities to encourage children to read and re-train teachers in our Library Management System. Tejaswi even conducts art and craft activities with the eager children of the schools.

Thank you Tejaswi for dedicating an entire month to the Foundation! Your contribution has been invaluable.