Know where we have  reached

The Whole Family Volunteers together!

Sunita, Robert, David, Elijah, Miryam travelled all the way to Ladakh to spend their vacation. On a very tight schedule and time constraints, they still managed to take time out for the kids of Ladakh.

They were assigned MS Tigger – a big school in Nubra valley in the Tigger village. They had a very packed program with lot of activities lined up. They conducted very interesting reading programs with role plays and actions. They had an art and craft workshop for the kids. One of the playground equipment - a loop rung had to be installed and classroom furniture for the primary sections had to be assembled and installed – all this in the few days in the school.

But they were all full of enthusiasm and dedication and completed all the tasks flawlessly.

A very BIG THANK YOU for taking the time out and taking all the effort to bring cheer to the kids of Ladakh!