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Shubham takes a month off to volunteer with 17000 ft

...And here is his experience in his own words..

"I was looking for an opportunity to spend a few weeks in Ladakh in a non-touristy style. I've heard about NGOs operating in Ladakh and hence, googled for one in the field of education. I found 17000 ft and applied. I visited Ladakh in the month of May and it was my second visit to Ladakh. Through 17000 ft, I got a chance to experience the local life of Ladakh. I traveled to a remote village, untouched by tourists, and shared home and meals with the villagers and 3 more volunteers. These villagers and volunteers soon became friends and I spent my days learning from them and rediscovering myself. I was challenged umpteen times - mentally by the school children to think out of the box, and physically by the harsh Ladakhi weather.  And overcoming both these challenges had its own fun and I loved every bit of it.

I along with other volunteers conducted multiple activities in the school at Wanla. The enthusiasm with which these kids were listening to us was mind boggling. All of them showed complete faith in us who were no more than a stranger to them and probably would never meet again in life. On the first day, one small girl who could barely speak properly came to me and asked - "Sir, aap mujhe padhane aaye ho". I was just speechless at that point in time. Without any teaching experience, I soon started teaching at the school. I found teaching to be fun and challenging at the same time. Fun because I learnt new things from the children and challenging because whatever I said was taken very seriously by the children and hence, I had to be very cautious. These children are the most creative bunch of children I've met in my life. Probably the only thing that would help them to have quality education is more help from us.

Ladakh's climate is very harsh and makes everyone feel exhausted immediately. The only respite in these conditions are the local food and the tea - butter tea, black tea, or milk tea - offered by the villagers. Trust me, you would  get addiced to black tea in sometime. At least I got. I had one of the most delicious  Thukpa, Timok, and Sku prepared by the home stay lady in the village. Apart from the school, the village offered us mighty mountains to stare at, sound of flowing river to listen to, and fickle weather to have long conversations with the fellow volunteers. The stay in Wanla has enriched my life by a far greater measure than what I had on the life of the village children. Experiencing Ladakh with 17000 ft was indeed an amazing experience, and in future I would like to do it again. Julley!!"

Thank you, Shubham, for being such an amazing addition to our team!