Know where we have  reached

An Experienced Volunteer!

Sayan a seasoned volunteer with international volunteering experience and a media proffessional takes up voluntouring with 17000 ft ! He spends one full month with us. A love for abstract experiences and being desirous of lateral learning gets him to be a Voluntourist. He travels with our Leh office staff far and wide..

He visits HS Igoo at 11,913 ft - in Kharu block. The school has 50+ children and a 17000 ft library. Sayan is happy to interact with the children and inspire them with some of his own stories.

Then he also visits MS Samkar at 12,513 ft and HS Nimoo at 10,416 ft in Leh block. MS Samkar is a big school with 90+ children whereas HS Nimoo has 50+ students. He conducts Reading Programs and Art and craft activities at these schools. Sayan also helps in monitoring excercises and other regular office work. He interacts with the children with ease and helps in reinforcing book borrowing and reading culture across these schools !

Thank you for supporting 17000 ft in all the projects !