Know where we have  reached

Family of Volunteers

Sangeeta, Gautam and Riya decide to be our voluntourists and travel all the way from the US. A bit of wanderlust and a thought of doing their bit for the society gets them to Ladakh.

They are assigned MS Sakti – a beautiful school in Sakti village. Accompanied with our facilitator, the group setup a new 17000 ft Library and also a shiny playground for the school. The children were thrilled to receive the same. They also conducted interesting reading workshops and art and craft workshops. The teachers were trained on the 17000 ft Library management system. The group kindled the children into reading, borrowing books and learning more about the world through books. They also donated a big bag of loose Lego blocks to the schools of Ladakh.

Thank you for your time and all the effort to make the program a big success!