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Volutourists from Far East

Ruchi and Rhea - mother - daughter duo take 10 days off from their busy schedule to volunteer at the Schools. The determination and dedication is commendable as Ruchi decides to go ahead with the Program in spite of being unwell and rescheduling of travel plans!

They are assigned Middle School Phey in Phey village. It is a beautiful School very near to Leh city but far from the exposure of big cities. Ruchi n Rhea conduct interesting Reading Program and Art and Craft workshops with the children. The children are thrilled to take a virtual tour of Singapore through a Video that they created. They do a great job t the School. Here is what they both have to say ...

Ruchi writes...

"We volunteered for the first time with the Government Middle School in Phey in June 2017. With a completely blank slate, having never travelled to Leh or Ladakh, we ventured into an unknown territory and to say that we enjoyed the experience would be an understatement! The enthusiasm, the warmth and love of the Ladakhi children has left such a deep impression on us that we have already promised to come back every year. An experience of a lifetime, please do not miss it and do volunteer with your time! We promise you will fall in love with life and it's simplicity all over again."

Rhea writes ...

"At the moment that we persuade a child to cross that magic threshold into a library, we change their lives forever, for the better good, it's an enormous force for good." -Barack Obama

For those of you who don't know, I spent the first ten days of my summer with a company called 17000ft in rural Ladakh helping a government funded middle school in Phey village ameliorate their English program. Ladakh is located in India in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, a major conflict zone between India, Pakistan and China. Geographically, Jammu and Kashmir has a very high altitude, so the people there are isolated in a whole new sense, as it's completely unexpected!  It's is this paradox of the situation that made me want to visit the government schools and help their English program. I stayed with a lovely family and experienced the real Ladakhi way of living (without wifi, without television, without cell service and without western toilets), and loved every part of it! The kids at MS Phey were so smart and eager to learn to the extent that each time they'd see us, they would run and ask if we'd be reading to them later on. 

As someone who is an NRI (Non-Residential Indian) and was born and brought up in a bustling city, visiting Phey village was a whole new world. I am not used to there being multiple language barriers between me and everyone I met, as even though I can speak Hindi, it’s not very good. Not to mention, the kids are the most eager students I have ever met in my entire life. I can say that with confidence since on the last day of our visit, we were meant to put on play, but the Indian government declared it a public holiday. Regardless of the holiday, my mum and I went to the school to pick up some of the supplies we had left there and were stunned to see that a vast majority of the 75 students had come to learn. 

Needless to say, it was an experience that I will never forget! I intend on going back, but next time, it will be to an even more isolated area so we can continue to build libraries and help the kids' English skills."

Thank you Ruchi & Rhea for all the effort and see you next year!