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Students become Volunteers !

Rohan, Uzma and Pooja sign up for the program to explore Ladakh in their own way. They are excited to experience things that they have only heard so far. The group spends one full month with us. They travel to 3 different schools in different terrains.

MS Fotoksar - An extremely remote school that is at a 2 days trek away from Leh, our voluntourists set out for Fotoksar from Leh, driving all the way to Wanla ( a drive of almost 6 hours), staying there for the night and starting out the next morning for the long trek to Fotoksar, crossing the formidable Sirsir La, at an altitude of over 16,000 ft. The school is situated at a centuries old beautiful village at an altitude of 13,868 ft. The group has a lifetime experience of trekking at high altitudes and enjoys every bit of it.

The other school for them is Chulichan Nunnery School Rizong at 11,108 ft in Khaltse block. An all girl monk school with 17000 ft library.

The third schools is MS Tigger - a small school in Nubra valley at 10,331 ft with 17000 ft library.

The group conducts Reading Programs, Art and Craft workshops, role plays and many other activities with the children of these schools. They help in reinforching the book borrowing and reading culture and maintaining the libraries at these schools. They travel and stay in the remote aeas and get to experience the real Ladakh.

Thank you Rohan, Uzma and Pooja for your time and effort!