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Richa becomes a Voluntourist 

Initially intending to travel to Ladakh as a tourist, she hears about 17000ft  and the  hundred libraries it has setup and, being an ardent book lover, sets her heart on travelling to remote schools to help the Foundation with their Library Program. 

For almost 3 weeks, Richa stays in Ladakh and becomes a part of the 17000ft team as she travels with them to multiple schools, spending days at a time at each, most of them so remote and isolated that not only are they off the tourist grid, they are also rarely visited even by the locals. Given the remoteness of the schools she visits, there are neither hotels nor guesthouses in the villages and Richa and the team are hosted at simple homestays. Richa has her fair share of adventure, as, on one of her travels, she and the team are forced to stay back for longer than necessary at a remote village owing to the only access road to the village being blocked due to construction! 

Richa sets up libraries, conducts monitoring sessions, reads and interacts with the children, and most importantly, goes from school to school trying to inspire the children to read. Tourism goes hand in hand with her travel as she also gets to visit and spend time at the famous Pangong Tso lake. 

Thank you, Richa, for being such an invaluable member of the 17000ft team!