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Four Friends volunteer during their vacation

Friends Rhea, Shivangi, Drishti and Hashim decide to spend their vacations being volunteers at 17000 ft Foundation. Having never travelled to Ladakh before, they decide to step away from the beaten track and visit remote villages that are off the tourism route, and also contribute to the work of the Foundation while at Ladakh.

They are assigned two schools in the remote Changthang area of Ladakh. The two schools, Middle School Anlay and Middle School Pongug, each with under 30 students is at a good 7 hour drive from Leh. Their task is to reinforce the 17000 ft Library Program and conduct reading workshops for the children. After a 2 day training and preparation at the 17000 ft office in Leh, the four set off for the two schools along with two of our facilitators. 

They stay at a homestay in Anlay, which otherwise rarely sees visitors and spend their entire day at the schools, splitting themselvevs into teams to conduct the work assigned to them. Not only do they conduct reading and creative sessions at the schools, they also set the two schools against each other in a reading and story telling competition, an event that is executed with much excitement and enthusiasm!

The four also manage to carve some time to do a bit of the mandatory sight seeing before they head out.

Thank you, guys, for the amazing enthusiasm and commitment you showed to the cause!