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Uncle and nephew bond in Ladakh

Ramesh Ruia based in Kolkata agreed to accompany his nephew Vedant Ruia based in the United States to Ladakh. They co-ordinated their busy schedules and took up a 10 day Program in July with 17000 ft.

Ramesh and Vedant wanted to visit Kargil and hence were assigned Middle School Gound Minjee in Kargil district. Accompanied by 17000 ft facilitator, they were amazing with the school kids. In addition to the regular Library Program and Art and Craft workshops, Ramesh enthralled the kids with some great stories and Vedant conducted many outdoor activities. The kids got to handle Vendat's camera and click some photos as well. The children of MS Gound Minjee loved the voluntourists immensely!

Thank you Ramesh and Vedant for lighting up the lives of these kids and bringing that much needed exposure!