Know where we have  reached

Choosing to voluntour together, rather than just spend their vacation as tourists, Rajesh and Jai spent 16 days in Ladakh

They had a 3 day stint in Middle School Kanji where they conducted the 17000 ft Reading Program and Workshops. Apart from spending time teaching the children, they also sponsored the school with sports equipment like volleyballs, badminton rackets and skipping ropes that the kids were absolutely thrilled with! 

The two of them also accompanied our team on a Monitoring Visit to Khaltse Block where they visited schools in Hanuthang, Sanith and Hanu Khas Khas. The students were very responsive in class and thoroughly enjoyed the various activities they performed with them!

We would like to thank Rajesh Krishnan and Jai Desai for reaching out to the little kids at these 4 remote schools that they visited!