Know where we have  reached

Mother and daughter volunteer together

Radha and Aayushi leave no stone unturned to be in Ladakh for their Voluntourism Program. They had to push the Embassy for clearing their documents, they had to reschedule their dates and re-book the flight tickets, but their resolve was too tough!

So, here they land in Leh all set for an activity packed 10 day program with most of the material needed already shipped to our Leh office! They are assigned Middle School Nimoo! A school in Leh block with 43 students.

The kids are excited by the story telling sessions of these voluntourists. Radha and Aayushi conduct reading programs, get the kids ready for a role play and teach innovative art and craft skills to the children. Paper plate décor, paper quilling and some interesting games! The children enjoy every bit of it and are left wanting for more!

Radha n Aayushi also helped in replacing the old library rack with a bright new one and with adding more books.

They had also included additional tour of the Nubra valley and were very excited to visit these interesting places.

We deeply thank Radha and Aayushi for taking all the trouble and still completing the Program in a fantastic way!