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Family and Friends volunteer with 17000 ft
Priya, Ishaan, Vihaan, Sereena, Dhruv n Manan - five very young enthusiasts accompanied by one elder voluntourist do their bit for the society. Their participation at such a young age is definitely inspiring for others!
Priya writes ........
''We can't thank the team enough for the wonderful experience that we had! When I started the journey, I was sceptical about how I would handle 5 kids and a long, ardourous road.  But, from the start, everything was so well planned that we didn't face a single problem.
The village that was assigned to us, Farol Tyakshi was so beautiful and the people so warm that we never felt like outsiders. The villagers were very welcoming and went out of their way to make our stay comfortable.
Working in the school opened up our eyes and our hearts. It was such a pleasure to be with the kids, learning from them and interacting! We did role play with them on a story, did a presentation on the solar system and worked on the playground. My younger son, Vihaan , worked with the 1st Grade kids teaching them about colours and shapes. The other 4 kids, worked indoors and outdoors both! I mostly worked with the 3rd and 4th Grade kids on some stories and role play, concentrating more on their English language skills.
We would like to especially thank Delek, for really taking good care of us and guiding the kids very well.
Also, I would like to say a hats off to the founders of this organisation, Mr.and Mrs. Sahu, for their unparalleled efforts to educate the children in such remote areas. It requires sheer dedication and a true sense of commitment to do this.
Thank you for letting us to be a part of this unforgettable journey.
I do hope that we contributed in some ways to the children's lives and we definitely promise to come back again!"
Thank you all for your substantial contribution and see you again next year!