Know where we have  reached

Mother and sons volunteer together!

Priya, Aditya and Surya travel from far east to Ladakh as our Voluntourists. They are assigned Midldle School Kukarchay in Kargil. They come preapred for the Reading Program and are all excited to spend time with the kids.

Priya gets interesting story book tittles from HK. She conducts animated story telling sessions with these and also the books from the 17000 ft Library. Little Surya teaches the kids to make paper planes and Aditya helps them make monster puppets out of paper cups! The kids have a great time! On the final day, role plays and poem recitations are held. 

Thank you Priya, Aditya and Surya for your time and all the effort for conducting a succesful Volunoturing Program!