Know where we have  reached

Preetham and Stephan spend 10 days volunteering

Two amazing voluntourists, one of whom travelled from Chennai, and the other all the way from France, showed deep commitment towards the cause.

Preetham and Stephan were accompanied by Tsering Palmo, one of our senior facilitators, who has been with 17000 ft almost since it started. Theirs wasn't an easy trip by any means. Going to Nubra after their first two days of acclimatization and training, they were stuck on the road due to overflowing glaciers. On their way back, their vehicle broke down and they were stranded for a few hours near a tea shop while they waited for a replacement vehicle! But our rockstar voluntourists took it all with a smile. Why? Because, according to them, it was nothing compared to the awesomeness they felt working with the children at Farol Tyakshi. They were absolutely fabulous and have left as many memories as they took back with them.

Thank you, Stephan and Preetham. We love what you did at the school and hope you come back again, hopefully for a longer duration the next time!