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Second Time Voluntourists to Ladakh!

Pranaav and Anussha, two young adults who visited Ladakh as Voluntourists two years ago decide to come back a second year. This time, however, they are very eager to go to one of 17000 ft's remoter schools, one that is hard to reach and has hardly seen any outsiders. 17000 ft decides to send them to Middle School Urbis, a beautiful school in a specatcularly isolated village which is not only off the tourist trak, but can almost be missed if you don't know where to look. The village does not have road access and the only way to reach it is a good 2 hour trek from the main road head. A fact that does little nothing to dissuade these two.

After our mandatory training, the two set out, accompanied by two of 17000 ft facilitators to this village. Their job is to reinforce the 17000 ft Library Program, encourage the children to read and ensure that children are regularly borrowing and reading our books. A four day stint at the village, the team stays at a very basic homestay and walk to school everyday to teach the kids.

As before, Pranaav and Anussha are completely inspired by and inspire the kids. While the 17000 ft team has visited the school many times, it has been our dearest wish to send volunteers to this school and give the kids a chance at outside exposure. While the difficulty level in reaching the village and the lack of basic amenities at the village have made it difficult for us to send volunteers, Pranaav's and Anussha's enthusiasm inspired us to choose this difficult village for them.

Thank you both! You made a world of difference to these kids!