Know where we have  reached

Batch II from Operation Groundswell

Team Operation Groundswell, the fantastic group that 17000 ft is so happy to work with, comes back yet again, this time bringing yet another group of inspired, charged students to work with the Foundation. The team decided to challenge themselves by going to one of the remotest schools in the region.

The group spends 11 days in Govt. Residential Middle School, Lingshed, a school that takes over 2 days to reach, over a trek crossing multiple high passes. This large, beautiful school with almost a hundred children is in a village that is cut off from the outside world for six months in the winters. Teachers to this school are even heli dropped or walk the now famous Chadar Trek to reach their school after the winter vacations.

The group, accompanied by many of our facilitators made its long way into the village, braving their fair share of adventures. They setup a libary, conducted the 17000 ft reading program, spent multiple days wandering the village making conversations with the villagers and conducting a survey. The group also worked on a theatre module which they worked on with the students, culminating in a beautiful presentation at the end of the stay. The 17000 ft also setup a large playground in the school, and watched as the villagers queued up to try out the new swings and slides!

Thank you, team OG for the fantastic work you always put in with our schools!