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Operation Groundswell brings social travellers to Ladakh

Operation Groundswell, our Canadian partners who backpack with a purpose, partner with 17000ft to bring young students from overseas to help us in our mission. The first of their many missions, 10 young people from UK, Canada and the US come to Ladakh to be voluntourists with 17000ft.

All first time visitors to India, and even to Ladakh, they are excited to be travelling and visiting villages that are completely off the beaten track. They are assigned two schools in the remote Changthang area of Ladakh, to install a playground, and conduct the 17000ft Reading Program to encourage children to use their libraries and read. One of their schools, a beautiful nunnery at an altitude of over 15000 ft is isolated, separated from the main village and requires a hard 3 hour trek to reach.

The group splits into teams and take turns installing the playground in both the schools. The nunnery, Skidmang Nunnery, as well as M/S Skidmang are completely unused to visitors and welcome the exposure that the group brings. The little nuns and monks, extremely shy, open up to the visitors and start pulling out books from the library to read. 

The nunnery, situated at the base of a glacier and is shut for many months in the winters, along with the village are proud recipients of playgrounds!

Thank you, Team OG for helping us in bringing joy to all these children !