Know where we have  reached

Nikhil volunteers his time to map remote schools

Nikhil, a high school senior volunteers time from his vacation in Ladakh to be a part of the 17000 ft Mapping Program, to locate, geo-map and survey every school of Leh District.

Nikhil, along with a 17000 ft Ladakhi Facilitator is sent to map 15 schools of Nyoma block. With a geo-mapping device, survey forms, a camera and a vehicle, these two set out to map schools, few of which require a tough trek to reach.

Without mobile connectivity and relying only on the locals to find the villages, the two are out of range for 4 days, managing to find and cover all 15 schools. Staying with the locals, sometimes sleeping in tents, they came back with amazing stories. Whether it was the Gompa school that had been closed down two years ago, or the school at 15,000 ft that they had to trek 3 hours to reach, or the school that had only 3 children, finding and mapping these unexplored schools was definitely the adventure that he had signed up for.

The duo going from village to village, ask and find their way around, are offered endless cups of tea by the amazingly hospitable ladakhis, stay in tents or homestays and eat the simple meals cooked by the villagers and come away armed with information needed by the Foundation to complete its mapping process of Nyomma block. 

Thank you, Nikhil, for your commitment and enthusiasm despite the toughness of the terrain!