Know where we have  reached

Myra and Pragnya spent an entire month with 17000 ft Foundation

Working at the office, travelling with the rest of the team on various monitoring visits, these two also had an opportunity to stay for a longer duration at one of our favourite schools at Skidmang Nunnery. This beautiful school situated at an altitude of almost 15000 ft, is at a base of a glacier and has 12 monks and nuns with ages ranging from 5 to 18 studying there. The nunnery, is about a 2 hour climb from the main village, which is where Myra and Pragnya stayed and spent their days teaching and interacting with the children. They did an incredible job bonding and connecting with the children, getting them to come out of their shells. This village, which until 17000 ft's first visit in 2012 has been extremely disconnected and rarely received visitors. In its 5 visits to the nunnery since then, 17000 ft setup a library, setup a complete playground compete with slides, swings and see-saws and has conducted multiple reading programs at the school. 

Myra and Pragnya did a fantastic job at Skidmang and the relationship that they built with the children and the exposure that each of them got is something that all of us at 17000 ft are grateful for.