Know where we have  reached

Mihika and Priya go on a trek to find schools

Mihika, having already volunteered with the Foundation before, inspires Priya to come along with her for another voluntouring stint. They come with a lot of enthusiasm and a spirit to do anything that the Foundation needed.

Their task is to find and map the last few schools that the Foundation had not as yet mapped. These schools, are along the popular Markha trail of Ladakh, which are unreachable by road and require a few days of a trek to reach. They are also entrusted with the job of conducting the 17000ft Reading Program at a school in Khaltse to encourage and reinforce the habit of reading in children. 

Trekking the Markha half way, the two are out of coverage for 4 days to cover three schools, most at altitudes of 13,000 ft and above.

The two spend a few hours in each school, interviewing the teachers, children and even the villagers, noting down information needed by the Foundation, taking pictures and conducting a survey. Their information and assessment is important for the Foundation in the formation of its programs and the two are diligent in their work. They also spend a few days at a school in Khaltse, where they work with young primary children and encourage them to read.

Trekking for the first time at such altitudes, braving the terrain and the cold weather must not have come easy, but the two were simply phenomenal.

Thank you, Mihika and Priya! Your work has been invaluable!