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Meghana voluntours with 17000 ft

Meghana, a solo voluntourist makes her maiden trip to Ladakh and is inspired to use her time constructively and volunteer with the Foundation. 
She is assigned two schools in the Khaltse block of Ladakh, one with just a handful of children. After her mandatory training and orientation, she and one of our facilitators set off for a long trip into the interiors. Staying at simple homestays, vehicle breakdowns, Meghana saw her fair share of adventure.

Her task was to conduct a reading program at both of the schools, to reinforce the 17000 ft Library Program. Each interaction with a Voluntourists inspires school children to read more and  Middle School Skindyang, with just a handful of children is doing amazingly well with their Library Program, regularly borrowing books.

So, Thank you, Megahana, for your valuable time inspiring our children to read!