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Maureen and Joseph come to Ladakh as Voluntourists with 17000 ft


Maureen and Joseph decide to spend their vacation volunteering and contributing to a community in need. Despite the extreme cold temperatures in March, this mother and son duo decide to spend their time in Ladakh volunteering with 17000 ft in a remote village called Yourgo.

After two days of training and planning with 17000 ft at their office in Leh, they set off to Yourgo, a village though very near the famous Pangong Tso Lake, is only visited by the people living in the village.

Their school has only 20 students and Maureen and Joseph, along with their facilitator, work with different groups of children to read the 17000 ft Library books and improve their spoken English. Staying at a nearby village, they travel each day to the school, to meet and greet the children before  assembly and spend the entire day with them. Maureen even celebrates her birthday at Yourgo, for which the 17000 ft team sends a birthday cake which was enjoyed by the whole school!

Thank you, Maureen and Joseph, you really went out of your way to teach the little kids!