Know where we have  reached

Mamta and Ananya come back to Ladakh for a second year!

Ananya and her aunt visited High School Matho as second time voluntourists, having already volunteered with us a year ago and choosing to come back again to lend a hand.

Ananya lent a hand in installing the playground she had fundraised for earlier that year. She spent time with the children of classes 3-10, doing the Solar System and Human Body modules with them which she had prepared the year before. Ananya and her aunt also read many stories with the children from the 17000 ft library, like Goloo the Circle, Naina and the not so Scary Owl, Asian folktales etc. and followed them up with activities from our reading module, like Spin a Yarn, Word Games, Knowledge Tree. Ananya, read Annual Haircut day, with the classes 3-8 and together they prepared a role play on it. Ananya read Subbu the Signal with the classes 5-6, and helped them make a chart on Subbu’s journey. The 8th class also put up a Solar system role play. On their last day in Matho, the parents, school staff, 17000 ft staff, all collected at the school for the inauguration of the playground. Before inaugurating the playground the children presented what they had learnt and created during the week. They presented their Human Body life-size chart, the Subbu the Signal Journey map and even the primary school children sang a nursery rhyme they had learnt. After much excitement of getting their faces painted and making props the cast of Annual Haircut day role play, acted it out for the entire audience. This was followed by the inauguration of the playground, and many exciting races and games for not only the children but also the teachers.

The children had a wonderful time exploring their new playground and extracted a promise from Ananya that she would come back to visit them again. A promise that Ananya is determined to keep.   

Thank you, both!