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Mamta and Ananya come to Ladakh as Voluntourists with 17000 ft

Ananya, a high school student, and her aunt decide to spend a substantial amount of their vacation time volunteering at remote schools. Extremely inspired by the work of the Foundation, they even come prepared with extensive Science and Reading Modules that they created ahead of time after multiple long conversations with the 17000 ft Team.

Mamta and Ananya, like all our Voluntourists spend a couple of days at our office at Leh where they are trained. They are then assigned various schools for their volunteering workshops. Accompanied by our facilitators, the two spend multiple days at each of the schools assigned to them.

The schools, each at altitudes of above 11,000 ft, hours away from the main city, require a lot of preparation and adaption for the travel ahead. With temperatues dipping very low, the two travel with the facilitators, living like the locals and adjusting their requirements to the basic resources available.

Ananya and Mamta make friends in each of the schools they visited as they conduct reading workshops, science activities and even sing and play with the children. The two are so inspired by the villages and the resilience of the children they interacted with, that they even write blog about their visit, inspiring others to take up the cause of these forgotten villages. Not just that, they even fund raise after their trip, taking up the cause of the really poor infrastructure at remote schools of Ladakh.

Now, thanks to Mamta and Ananya, two extremely remote and forgotten villages of Ladakh will be receiving playgrounds for their schools, something that the duo plan to come back and setup themselves.

Thank you, Ananya and Mamta, for really epitomising the spirit of volunteering and giving.