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Singapore School teachers visit the schools in Ladakh

Liesl and Elana had planned last year for the Program but some unforseen circumstances kept them away. This year, they were the first few to touch base as soon as the registrations opened for this year's Programs! Liesl's friend also joined in for the 10 day Program.

They were excited from day one of our conversation and put together everything flawlessly for the kids. The school assigned to them was Shachukul Gonpa School. They setup a permanent Library with wooden racks and added more books to the existing collection. They carried lot of books, art material and creative ideas when they landed in Leh!

Liesl and Elana - mother daughter duo alongwith Smita enchanted all the young monks with their enthusiasm, creativity and affection. The kids have invited them again next year!

Thank you Liesl, Elana and Smita for al that you have done for the kids of Shachukul Gonpa School!