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TFI Fellow Karan interns with the Foundation

TFI fellows spend a major part of their year working in rural and public schools across the country. Despite having just a short summer break from his school, TFI Fellow Karan, decides to go back to school, even in the vacations. This time, however, he chooses Ladakh as his region.

Karan signs up for the one month internship program which is far more intensive than the regular 10 day programs. Given his experience as a TFI fellow, he is even assigned more duties than normal, a fact that he is more than okay with!

Karan travels the length and breadth of Nubra Valley with the 17000 ft Team, conducting assessments, reading programs, mapping and training librarians across the 17000 ft schools. The team is on the road for over 10 days, staying in simple homestays and travelling for hours every day. He particularly enjoys conducting reading and story telling sessions with the little children. We are sure the children enjoyed it more, however!

Thank you Karan! You were a great help to the team!