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Batch II from JSA

4 Employees of JSA, all from its different offices around India, come together to volunteer and complete the Bunk Bed Project in their adopted school, Centralised Residential School, Satho. JSA, a law firm of repute with offices across India, as a part of its CSR initiative, adopted the school in 2013 and conducted various infrastructure improvement projects. This year, the firm, through its volunteers, was setting up bunk beds for the 4 dormitories for the residential school.

The team, accompanied by a few of 17000 ft facilitators travel to the remote school, stay at a simple guest for 4 days and drive to the school everyday to implement the project. The team, coming together had their share of adventures with some of them suffering symptoms of mild high altitude sickness, but they braved it all in the face of the enthusiasm shown by the children.

The group split into teams to work on the bunk beds and the reading program for different gradesa.The bunk beds, which were sourced in Delhi and shipped to Leh had to be assembled and fit into the dormitories. Mattresses and carpets were also provided.

From all of us at 17000 ft, we are truly grateful to JSA and their team for all their contribution!