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Team JSA sets up a playground in Satho

J. Sagar Associates, a prestigious law firm with offices across India, partners with 17000ft and adopts a remote school as a part of its CSR initiatives. A three year project, JSA, makes a commitment to help improve infrastructure of the school and increase oppportunities and exposure for the children. Employees of JSA are also involved in this initiative and come to Ladakh to implement the projects at their adopted school.

The first group of five people, spanning both junior and senior members from across different offices of JSA come together to help implement the first project. Despite being cautioned about the problems of high altitude, very cold temperatures and the very basic facilities available at the village, Narayan, Gagan, Udhav, Purna and Aashni are extremely enthusiastic about the project and get into it with all eagerness.

The school, Centralised Residential School, Satho, is an important school in the remote Changthang region. Situated at an altitude of over 14,000 ft, this school is the hope of the nomadic Changpas who are on the move for 8 months of a year and leave their children behind in this school, so that they do not miss out on their education. 

Team JSA's mission is to setup a playground for the school, assemble furniture for each of the classrooms and also help reinforce the 17000ft Library Program through reading program activities. The team, after the training and orientation at the Foundation office, set off for Satho accompanied by a team of facilitators. Staying at a nearby village guest house, they travel daily to the school to conduct their programs, teaching the children and encouraging them to use their library books. Parents also come to help as the team sets about digging, levelling and installing the playground.

At the end of the project, they also spend a day at the famous Pangong Tso lake, relaxing after their strenuous 5 day program.

Thank you, Team JSA, for your enthusiasm and hard work all the days!