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Group of US students visits Ladakh to volunteer

Ibex Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. facilitates a group of 11 students from across US and Canada to come and volunteer with #17000ft in Ladakh.

They are assigned Middle School Digger in the beautiful Nubra block. They arrive at the school early to be able to attend the morning prayers and get accustomed to the schedule of the school as they would be spending the next 4 days volunteering in the school.

They are split into groups and conduct Reading Programs, art and craft activities at the school. They spend most part of the day with the kids. Evenings are for relaxing and exchanging stories and also fun times with the kids after school.

A very enthusaisitc group - also does a day trek from Digger to Lartse and enjoys staying in tents!

Thank you all volunteers for spreading the joy in these remote villages of Ladakh!