Know where we have  reached

Age is no constraint for Philanthropy !

Hariharan & Ramesh - both in their 60s expressed their desire to be our Voluntourists. Both successful professionals and now devoted to Socially impacting work - they were ideal volunteers!

They were assigned Chushul Gonpa school - to setup a Library (donated by Hariharan) and a Library upgrade at Chemday Gonpa school.  Chushul is an extremely beautiful village very near to the China border. The voluntourists were thrilled to visit the same and fortunately were healthy and fit. Due to the high altitude and their ages, they were adivsed to cut short their stay at Chushul Gonpa. Then they visited Chemday Gonpa school which is at a lower altitude.

Hari and Ramesh distributed goodies, sports equipment and enjoyed the company of young monks. The little ones learned Origami, some card tricks and language skills from the Voluntourists in the midst of laughter and joy throught their visit.

The young monks loved every bit of their interaction with the voluntourists as can be seen from the pictures.

There is hope when we have such spirited and inspirational Voluntourists who travel to the toughest terrain just to give back to the society ! Hats off to them !!