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Five Voluntourists come together for a common cause

Five strangers decide to brave the Ladakhi winter and respond to a shoutout for voluntourists to help 17000 ft setup libraries. They are to be a part of a 12 member 17000ft team that is on a mission to setup 30 libraries across remote schools in the Durbuk and Nyoma blocks, two of the remotest and most isolated regions of Ladakh.

Setting up libraries across 30 schools with each school being anywhere between 1 to 4 hours away from each other, logistics and planning are the topmost priority, specifically when there are a limited number of vehicles and when the temperature is at well below zero and starting the car each morning takes a minimum of 2 hours. 

Working in pairs and spending a minimum of 2 days at each school, this team of enthusiastic voluntourists travels from school to school, setting up libraries, reading to children and training teachers. The team also works hard hard, sorting, labelling, cataloguing and packing books for each school, a no mean task when you are dealing with 300-400 books for each school. They even conduct LEGO workshops with the children.

Staying in remote villages for multiple days is an adventure in itself, with many of the villages never having received visitors before and even with the limited number that had, being shut for the winters. Our enthusiastic voluntourists, first time visitors to Ladakh, brave everything, staying in a simple guest houses or homestays, braving the severe -15 degree temperatures, coping with the lack of mobile connectivity, flowing water or even electricity.

Watch the documentary created by Shamik of the entire project.

Thank you all, for bearing the winter cold and giving us your time. We wouldn't have been able to manage the 30 libraries without your help!