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A Reading Program gets a surprising twist

Dr. Jain, a senior eye surgeon hears about the work of 17000ft and is very keen to visit remote villages of Ladakh to help. Very moved by the stories of children and people in remote villages, she is also eager to offer her services as an eye surgeon and offers to help. Despite our best efforts to communicate the harshness of the surroundings, the weather and the long travels, she is eager to volunteer and offer any help she can.

This very senior doctor then comes to Ladakh, visits the Foundation office and is trained on the 17000ft Library and Reading Program. Despite being a little nervous about how little children will take to her teaching, Ina gets into the activity with fervour. She is sent to three very remote village schools, all of which are off the radar for any visiting tourists. Her job is to re-establish the 17000ft Library Program to encourage and motivate the children to read their books.

Moving from school to school, and also staying at very simple homestays, Dr. Ina braves the cold and the bare surroundings to conduct the 17000ft Reading Program. Going above and beyond what we expected of her, Dr. Ina, also conducted eye-checkups for students and villagers across 3 villages, even giving them prescription glasses which she had brought all the way from Delhi. 

“Simple, innocent and loving”…is how she describes the Ladakhis with whom she interacted extensively during her 12 days of voluntouring with us. 

Thank you, Dr. Ina Jain. We are completely touched with everything you did for the children and villagers of remote Ladakh.