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Making your vacation count

Devika signs up to be a Voluntourist with 17000ft. An entrepreneur, she decides to take a short break to visit Ladakh. No stranger to volunteering and philanthropy, Devika is excited about using her time in Ladakh to also volunteer. 

Devika is assigned two schools in the green Khaltse region of Ladakh, both remote and off the tourist grid. After undergoing a training in the 17000ft Reading Program, Devika, along with one of our facilitators visits her two schools, spending multiple days at each.

Devika's mission is to reinforce the 17000ft Library Program, to encourage children to read, and to also help improve their comfort with the English language. Besides, this, Devika also teaches the children various craft activities that she herself is particularly fond of. 

Staying in homestays, Devika maximizes her experience by walking around the village, making friends and interacting with the children. Unsure of what to expect by staying in villages that are completely unused to outsiders, Devika is surprised by her own acceptance as well as the warmth of the people.

Thank you, Devika, for your time and effort at these schools!