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Volunteers From Axis Bank

Axis Bank partnered with 17000 ft Foundation to conduct the Rural Immersion part of their Leadership Development Program. The participants conducted Library and Infrastructure Programs at the schools and various other Studies and Surveys. A total of 16 bankers were part of this excercise. They were split into groups of 4 each.

Deepa, Riyaz, Chandana and Varsha were assigned Govt. Centralised Residential Middle School Tharuk at 13,169 ft in Durbuk block. It is a beautiful residential school for the children living in villages surrounding Tangtse. The building itself was built with the help of villagers who contributed their time, skills and money to help make the school residential. The school has 60+ children.

Here the group was further split into 2 members each and alternatively conducted the different modules - Playground installation, Book Reading and Role Play Activity and Financial Literacy Survey for adults The group enthusiastically conducted the Reading Programs, Role play activities and Art and Craft workshops. The other task was to help setup a playground at the school. The team was all up for physical activity inspite of high altitudes! They also helped to conduct Financial Literacy Survey at village Shachukul. Great job all Bankers !

They all stayed in simple guest houses / homestays with basic amenties and enjoyed simple home made meals. They got to experience the very essence of real Ladakh.

Thank you for your substantial contribution to the projects of 17000 ft! You all really made a difference!