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Deena voluntours with 17000ft

Despite having only a limited time on her hands, Deena is very keen to come to Ladakh to volunteer. Not particularly interested in being a tourist, Deena spends her entire time in Ladakh at the schools.

Deena is allotted two schools where she is to conduct the 17000ft Reading Program to reinforce the habit of reading. Accompanied by one of our facilitators, Deena spends multiple days at each school, completely humbled by the experience, the warmth of the teachers and villagers and mostly, the eagerness of the children with which they responded to the program. Deena even directs a small play with the children,which they enact enthusiastically and without reservation.

Deena's mission was to get the children to read and love the books, which she is more than happy that she was able to do.

Thank you, Deena, for your time, effort and commitment to the cause!