Know where we have  reached

Volunteering runs in the Family!

Bhuva, Sarin, Rohan and Risha come visiting India only for volunteering! Super excited and putting their soul into the program, they start with Fundrasing - as the first step towards the program. Creating an online campaign and making it reach to all their friends and relatives and raising a whooping $10,000 - an act that has no words to express our feelings! Thank you kids!

So the group travels to Nubra after the mandatory orientation. They have been assigned MS Farol Turtuk - a beautiful school in the border village of Turtuk. They conduct Reading programs, science workshops, story telling sessions, Art and craft and painting activities too! A 17000 ft Library was also set up with the help of our facilitators and students. Risha carries lanyards for a fun activity and it was hugely popular amongst the kids!

The kids had a great time with all four of them as is evident from the pictures!

Thank you all for this level of involvement!!